Health & Safety
Are The New Standard

Public surfaces are a breeding ground for dangerous pathogens

4-7 days

Per reports posted by the NEJM, COVID-19 can survive on technology surfaces for 4-7 days.


Touchscreens at airports have 1475 times more bacterial colony forming units than the average toilet seat.

Common technology solutions do not address all demographics


A dossier produced by Statista showed that only 16% of smartphone users in N. America have ever recorded a contactless proximity transaction.

COVID-19 response must
be visible and meaningful

“Safety is the new currency to re-establish trust”


of customers surveyed found personal control of their sanitary experience to be very important


of customers surveyed feel that business willing to take extra steps to ensure safety and well-being would make them more likely to visit a business


of customers surveyed find visible mechanisms to be most or somewhat important to them

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